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Rigging and Slinging Course Training

Rigging and Slinging Course Training

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The purpose of this Rigging and Slinging course is to educate students on the different types of rigging and the safe practices of rigging within sound engineering designs.

Course Duration:                 1 Day (8 Hours)

Certificate Validity:              1 year

Training Schedule:               On-Demand

Topics Covered:    

• Rigging Hazard Awareness
• Rules for Rigging Safety
• Rigging equipment for material handling
• Disposal of waste materials
• Gear and Equipment for Rigging and Materials Handling
• Safe Rigging Practices
• Job Site Considerations
• Rigging Selection
• The Users Responsibilities
• Basic Sling Operating Practices
• Sling types
• Sling and lifting device pre-use inspection
• Safety during the lift
• After the lift
• Conclusion
• Principles of Training Process
• Adult learning principles
• How to handle a matured class of people, no more school going kids so how to cater to their needs
• Qualities of a good trainer
• Good listener and verifying the understanding of the subject
• Becoming Positive motivator
• Mock Presentation practice

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