Training Courses

Accredited by IADC, Dolphin Human Resource Consultancy LLC offers a full line of well control and Well intervention (Workover & Completion / Coil Tubing /Snubbing / Wireline Surface Stack) courses developed with a focus on adult-learning principles complemented with real-world case histories and simulations that continuously challenge learners.

Students in all courses train using the Kill sheet.

The Killsheet is a set of electronic, user-friendly killsheets introduced in each class to fit every surface and subsea application.

Our killsheets are second to none because they:

Handle simple or complex wells
Provide flexibility for multiple casing, liner and tubular sizes
Improve workflow and real-time results
Calculate and display critical well control parameters
Perform Imperial, SI and metric unit conversion to allow for the use of mixed units
For more challenging well control operations, Volumetric and Lube & Bleed killsheets provide:

Real-time data
Charts and graphs
Calculated bleed cycles (Volumetric)
Estimated maximum surface and pit gain (Volumetric)
Injection fluid vs. pressure bleed down (Lube & Bleed)
Establishment of safety and working margins

Certification Course Descriptions


The Drilling Course provides students with the tools for developing practical problem-solving tactics and strategies when confronted with a well control incident; focuses on kick detection, shut-in procedures, calculations and standard well control methods.


The Accelerated Workover class reviews types of complications that can occur during workover operations. The course covers workover fundamentals with a focus on understanding well control in relation to Drilling versus Workover. The class covers workover essentials such as barriers, equipment and relevant well control methods; it also includes an in-depth review of Bull heading and Reverse Circulation techniques.


The Subsea course covers well control methods and techniques for the offshore environment. It is designed to familiarize the student with choke line friction pressure (CLFP) using various sized choke lines.

Well Services

The Well Services course is taught in conjunction with the 3-day Workover class and covers basic well control knowledge as it relates to coiled tubing, snubbing, and wireline.

Fundamental Well Control

The College Fundamental Well Control course provides the student the means to identify and describe the basics of: well control equipment, different types and uses of drilling fluids including safety practices, pressure basics and concepts, Leak Off Test, Formation Integrity Test, causes of kicks, kick warning signs and detection, Hard and Soft shut in, Lag time, well control calculations and well control methods.


The Introductory IADC-recommended curriculum covers basic skills for floormens, roustabouts, unit assistants and new employees over a one-day class. The course focuses on crew awareness of well control equipment and procedures. This course is available at our training center or on demand.