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Mechanical & Hydraulic Diesel Training Course

Mechanical & Hydraulic Diesel Training Course

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After the program, the candidates will be capable of operating engines and generators in an efficient, safe and cost saving manner.

They will possess excellent working knowledge and will be able to solve minor problems independently.

The candidates will be able to perform troubleshooting and mandatory maintenance.

Course is Designed For:

Technicians, engineers, manufacturers of control equipment, needing a technical introduction in the field of Oil & Gas Industries.

    Course Duration:                     4 Days (8 Hours per Day)

    Certificate Validity:                 1 year

    Training Schedule:                   On-Demand

    Topics Covered:

    Day 1:

    • Diesel engines
    • Construction, design & application
    • Description/application of various parts of diesel engine
    • Engine balancing criteria
    • Engine cooling, power calculations & engine power cycles
    • Operation, routine, periodic, preventive and breakdown maintenance and troubleshooting

    Day 2:

    • Handling, inspection procedures, A-B-C checks
    • Engine efficiency/energy management, fuel consumption control
    • Calculation of emergency engine requirement
    • Engine fuel consumption, documentation, record upkeep
    • Comprehensive engine spare parts management
    • SI- CI engine comparison

    Day 3:

    • Relationship of engine related hydraulics with power requirements
    • Discussion on governors, and firing order
    • Quality checks
    • Engine safe operation hydraulics

    Day 4:

    • Power generation basics and fundamentals
    • AC-DC power generation
    • Power generation applications
    • Mass-captive power generation comparison
    • Engine -alternator-generator relationship calculations
    • Calibration and cable calculations
    • Operation, maintenance & repair procedures
    • Generator Construction design and calculation
    • Motor types, application requirement calculation

                - Q&A session, charts, tables formulas, technical bulletins, case studies

                - Mock test

                - Final exam

    Instructional Method:

    • Lecture
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Audio Visual Video DVD
    • Question and Answer Session

    Equipment Required:



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