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JIB CRANE Training Course

JIB CRANE Training Course

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In this JIB CRANE Training Course, we will assist your employees in meeting the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements to ensure that all your lifting device operators are competent to operate the equipment. We will also look at upgrading the practices in which your company handles materials. If you have any safety training requirements for any other lifting devices such as' lift truck training, aerial platform training or pallet lift truck training please let us know so we can package it together for you.

    Course Duration:                 1 Day (8 Hours)

    Certificate Validity:              1 year

    Training Schedule:               On-Demand

    Topics Covered:

    • Forks at correct height
    • Smooth stopping
    • Forks level before entering
    • Load is centered
    • Load is stable for lifting and transporting
    • Load all way to heel of forks
    • Proper tilt for type of load
    • Looks before backing up
    • Stops at all blind corners
    • Proceeds with load at safe height
    • Proceeds at safe speed
    • How to deal with obstructed view
    • Observe Tow Motor Driver Operator Stacking A Load
    • Approach with load down
    • Looks behind before backing out
    • Raising load
    • Smooth operation
    • Levels load before putting in place
    • Gently places
    • Insures all people are at a safe distance
    • Aware of rear end swing
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